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Stop selling, start helping


by Emiel Kanters

In the market of 25 years ago, matching supply and demand was relatively easy. You came up with a product or service, made sure potential buyers knew you existed, and made the deal. Even in today's complex world, this is still pretty much how it works. Both supply and demand, however, have seen some major changes regarding the complexity, diversity, and sheer number of channels, markets, products, and services. Good luck trying to market your product or service under these circumstances!

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By the numbers


Digital sales nowadays is twice as important as traditional sales.

Source: McKinsey - Global B2B decision maker response to COVID-19 crisis

TÜV Nederland

Bridging the sales gap: innovate the sales process and generate new business

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Why you should see marketing and sales as one team

Companies that get their account managers and marketers to work together like a well-oiled machine are demonstrably more successful. What’s it like at your business?

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For CEOs, inbound sales: from traditional selling tactics to your customer’s real problem

Are your account managers still reeling off their standard sales patter or do you give them time to properly help customers? It’s high time you set the sales course by which to steer your organisation.

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