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How HubSpot CMS helps Vostermans generate 200% more website traffic

To ensure Vostermans websites were in line with their new customer focused marketing strategy they partnered up with Webs to build three brand new persona-driven websites on CMS Hub focused on SEO, CX, and lead gen.

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Vostermans, a Dutch family-owned business that produces axial fans particularly for the agricultural and industrial markets, made the switch to a more customer-oriented organization. They embraced the Inbound Marketing philosophy, followed by the need to shift from a traditional website to a modern one.

Webs helped by building three new websites – not only centered on the products, but also on sharing valuable content and experiences tailored to their prospects.


Problem the company had

Problem the company had

The traditional websites had little focus on informative content from an inbound marketing perspective, they were struggling with turning visitors into leads, and some flexibility and security issues occurred at the backend.


The Hubspot CMS solution

The Hubspot CMS solution

To ensure Vostermans websites were in line with their customer focused marketing strategy they chose to leverage CMS Hub and build three new websites in collaboration with Webs. These three websites were launched with 6 different language options in one set up. All with pages designed and built through careful design of site structure with a strong focus on the Inbound Marketing philosophy, CX, SEO and lead generation.