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WorkFlowWise Boosts Leads by 2X year after year with HubSpot

WorkFlowWise has grown tremendously with the help of HubSpot CMS since 2013. The fourth website version will be launched in 2020 and still new leads double year-on-year while visitor conversion went up by 30% since the latest updates.



By 2013, WorkFlowWise was already using HubSpot CMS. They chose HubSpot in its early stages because it supported their big plans for the future, including international expansion and a move to cloud-based technology. The first website was mainly focused on setting up the website in a logical customer journey. After that, WorkFlowWise focused on getting as many qualified visitors as possible, and making sure their website is always evolving with their business and the platform over time.


Problem the company had

Problem the company had

Back in 2013 WorkFlowWise was using Exact Synergy for both its marketing and sales team, which didn’t have all the features they needed for success. There was no automation and it was difficult to connect different systems.


The Hubspot CMS solution

The Hubspot CMS solution

By committing fully to the inbound methodology, starting with HubSpot CMS plus Marketing Hub, WorkFlowWise made sure they were ready for the future. By designing their website as a funnel from general facts to specific information WorkFlowWise managed to create a logical customer journey for their first website. By setting up landing pages, CTAs, forms, and workflows they encouraged lead engagement. Now WorkFlowWise is using all features to keep evolving with their business and the platform.