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HubSpot Service Hub

HubSpot Service Hub: the customer service software that gives you all the tools you need to provide world class service efficiently, enriching customer relationships and delighting customers as you scale. Because the Hub is part of the HubSpot CRM platform, it helps teams scale their support, delight their customer efficiently and drive retention and growth. This means you can: use data to understand the complete history of every customer, leverage automation to resolve customer issues quickly and efficiently, create knowledge base content that aligns with you brand, report on customer insights and the efficiency of your service and tackle all of your messaging right from the CRM.

Put your customers at the centre of your business.

By the numbers
Connect with customers
Deliver organised customer service that provides efficient support and complete answers.
Exceed their expectations
Provide faster support to customers and remove friction with automated and self-service solutions.
Turn them into promoters to grow your business
Identify happy customers willing to share their opinion of your business.

Lead your service team based on performance and data.

Gain insights into your entire customer journey
Track what happens at every stage of your team's interactions with customers.
Organise all service activities in one place
Seamlessly coordinate multiple service tasks and contacts with HubSpot as a single point of truth.
Automate your customer service processes
Leverage HubSpot Service Hub to automate ticket routing, escalation, and task creation.
Get a pulse on customer happiness
Gather feedback that can be used to build a better customer experience.
Turn happy customers into promoters
Build service workflows that make it easy to request participation in advocacy campaigns or case studies.
Measure the impact of your customer service efforts
Track usage data from your knowledge base, report on customer feedback and more.

Delight customers with remarkable service.

Organise and prioritise your tickets
Track, order, collaborate, and deliver on customers’ needs with HubSpot’s tickets dashboard.
Easily manage 1-to-1 customer communications
Leverage HubSpot’s universal, collaborative inbox that aggregates customer emails, chats, and more.
Stop answering the same questions over and over
Turn common tickets into simple, well-structured knowledge base articles.
Bring order to customer service chaos
Centralise all your customer service tasks within the HubSpot Service Dashboard.
Scale your communications
Use service tools like bots to scale your 1-to-1 customer communications.
Easily report on metrics your manager cares about
Measure and understand the impact of your efforts with metrics such as first response time.

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HubSpot Service Fit Assessment

Still considering.

HubSpot Service Hub is ideal for all types of serviceteams, but is it right for you?

One of our HubSpot Experts will assess your business to determine whether HubSpot Service Hub suits your service strategy and processes before you invest in the tool.

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HubSpot Service Implementation Consulting

Decision made.

You’ve determined that HubSpot Service Hub is the right move for your service team and your company. But you need help getting it implemented the right way.

We’ll work with your team to set up your new HubSpot Service tools, offering consulting on ticketing, automation and routing, feedback loops, and more. 

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HubSpot Service Workshop or Audit

Tools implemented.

You’ve already purchased HubSpot Service Hub, but you’re unsure if your team is getting the most out of it.

During a workshop or audit, a Webs HubSpot Certified Trainer will check if HubSpot has been customised to meet your organisational needs and will train your team on how to use the tools.

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Customer Success Training

Advanced users.

Your service team already has a basic understanding of how to make the most of their new technology.

Future-proof your investment with in-depth training by one of our Customer Success Consultants on how to align your customer success strategy with your HubSpot Service Hub.

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Get the expertise, capacity, and services to #unlockyourgrowth

Join the 150+ B2B companies that have trusted us with their digital transformation.

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Future-proof your customer success strategy

Align your customer success strategy with your HubSpot Service Hub.

Get the capabilities to utilise your potential

Bring together the capabilities of your customer-facing teams with our HubSpot expertise.

Leverage the HubSpot Service Platform

Harness the power of the HubSpot Service Hub with our implementation, audit, or assessment services.


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