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How we help manufacturing clients succeed in the digital age with HubSpot

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Strategy is the biggest variant between digital leaders and average performers.

#UnlockYourGrowth according to a plan
two persons of the manufacturing industry who are reviewing a pipe construction
two persons of the manufacturing industry who are reviewing a pipe construction
two persons of the manufacturing industry who are reviewing a pipe construction

Make sure your manufacturing marketing or sales strategy is the right for your target market. We know how smart technology and digitization are transforming your environment. We'll uncover where the real value exists for you.

We help you define your true business challenge first, to make sure you’re addressing the right problem to help your business grow. 

By the numbers


B2B companies who have been transformed digitally have 5 times as much growth in revenue as competitors who haven't.

Customers buy solutions,
not just products.

#UnlockYourGrowth – Stop selling, start helping

By putting the customer first, we’ll help you create real, resilient relationships that will get you on the provider shortlist right from the start. 

We’ll convert the knowledge within your organisation into business. From products and specs to the added value for the end user.  


Gut feeling has brought you here. Now add customer data to achieve victory.

#UnlockYourGrowth with measurable insights

We get that you don’t want to rely entirely on the emotional side of manufacturing marketing. We’ll help your team make better marketing and sales decisions based on real-time data. 

Manufacturers are in a unique position to capture more data. We’ll help you manage and organise your contacts in one powerful, easy-to-use database.

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How HubSpot
helps Manufacturers.

By the numbers
Build trust with prospective customers or distributors
Your customers don’t want to be sold to. They want you to solve their problems. Leverage HubSpot to easily segment messaging by persona.
Beat other manufacturers in search results
Inform prospective customers about your solution by creating helpful content with HubSpot.
Follow up and nurture trade show leads
Leverage HubSpot Marketing Automation to follow up and nurture companies or distributors after trade shows.
Build a 24/7 virtual trade show booth
Your website should be your top sales source in this new era of growth. HubSpot can help you build a 24/7 virtual trade-show booth.
Attract a high-quality workforce
Enable the mobility and flexible working tools that newer generations expect.
Manage order and demand forecasting
Store all your data in one place with HubSpot Integrations. No more difficulties incorporating customer wants and needs in the early stages of the planning cycle.

“We see HubSpot as a digital trade fair, because marketing and sales now have a stage to show a global audience what our digital textile printers can do. Although our business is unique, Webs has adopted a way of working that best suits our product.”

Jos Notermans SPG Prints


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