The Evolution of CRM Systems


oktober 14, 2020 51:37 min

In this webinar Thijs and Steve share:

  • All the CRM changes that have taken place
  • How a modern CRM differs from traditional CRMs
  • How modern CRMs can help you grow your business.



Thijs van Rosmalen

Sales Consultant bij Webs

Steve Vaughan

Channel Account Manager bij HubSpot

Things have moved quickly in the CRM market.

Things have moved quickly in the CRM market. The last year has been a riot, although the majority of CRM users have no idea about the change that has taken place..

That's why many companies still face the same challenges with their legacy CRM systems: 

  • Most CRM systems are complicated, and using them properly requires a lot of manual work on the sales team
  • Most CRM systems are empty databases that don't have any insight into what customers are up to

But this doesn't have to be your reality...