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The best kept secret for a scalable sales process - hidden in plain sight


november 4, 2020 54:55 min

In this webinar Rob shares:

  • How he managed to DOUBLE his sales results by only taking a good look at their current sales proces. His best kept secret was hidden in plain sight.



Bart Robben

Managing Partner (former Sales Manager) bij Elastique

Killer software is not the most important pillar if you ask us. 

In order to professionalize and scale your sales process, it pays to invest in software – right?  Yes, that's true. But it's not the most important pillar if you ask us. 

What's most important is diving into your current sales proces and fine-tuning it. In fact, it is as important as creating one, if not more. Even if you think 'the wheel ain't broke', there are always improvements to be made. And the ones that result in the most sales can even be hidden in plain sight...