Online Influence in B2B


november 18, 2020 10:00 - 11:00 CET

In this webinar Bas shares:

  • How you increase motivation from your visitors
  • How to make your desired behavior easier for your visitors
  • How to design the best prompts



Bas Wouters

Persuasion and behavior-design expert

This is a unique and unprecedented time. Things have changed...

So, this is a unique and unprecedented time. Things have changed. Everyone is asked to work from home, marketing budgets have been scrutinised, trade shows and events have been postponed, most in-person sales meetings are cancelled, etc. 

But hey, 
this isn’t bad news

Because now that you know, you can adapt. 

Our #1 priority is to help you go through this transformation, so that’s why we’re bringing you this exclusive webinar series featuring industry-leading speakers who win in digital marketing, sales and service, to share their knowledge.