A customer centric business case by JCDecaux:

How to scale your business with a modern CRM Platform


februari 24, 2021 , 10:00 - 11:00 CEST

CRM is not a sales tool.
It is a business tool.

The more your business grows, the quicker it becomes necessary to have a central ecosystem where all of your customer data lives: a single point of truth.

A single source of truth empowers your front office teams to deepen their relationships with customers and judge the effectiveness of your investment.

Unfortunately, marketing and sales teams often have a tough time creating a single source of truth because the front office relies on several different platforms, there is a massive amount of data and teams are often busy with other projects - like creating and executing their own strategy...

So, how do you make sure your people, processes and technologies are aligned? And make your CRM Platform work for you?

In this webinar Jasper Kunst, Business Intelligence Specialist at JCDecaux is sharing it all. He recently implemented new CRM/Sales tools within JCDecaux, and came across a lot of frictions that make most technology implementations fail. His didn't. But why?

Is this webinar Jasper en Thijs share:

  • How clean and correct customer data is essential for good decision-making
  • The fundament that provides insights on how to attract, engage and delight (new) customers
  • How JCDecaux managed to create a single point of truth and removed friction that demoralize people in using the systems, slow down the processes and corrupt the data.



Jasper Kunst

Business Intelligence Specialist, JCDecaux

Thijs van Rosmalen

Account Executive, Webs