Dan Wardle, VP Revenue at Vidyard

What the Heck is RevOps and Why do you Need it to Scale Faster?


september 8, 2021 , 1 PM CEST

An exclusive look inside Vidyards RevOps Team

There has been a serious shift in how companies are thinking about revenue.  And according to many, B2B organizations that implement RevOps will be best positioned to thrive and create value for their customers.

We've seen roles including the word “Revenue” steadily pop up in recent months. But we've also noticed that a lot of our customers were wondering what's behind this increase in revenue roles and what it meant in the context of their own organization. 

So we decided to invite Dan Wardle, VP Revenue at Vidyard, to tell us all about what RevOps is, and why you need it for real sales success.

In this webinar Dan shares:

  • A deep dive into the current state of RevOps
  • An exclusive look inside Vidyards RevOps Team
  • A guide on how to start implementing Revenue Operations yourself



Dan Wardle

VP Revenue at Vidyard

Dan is responsible for all areas of revenue including the Enterprise, SMB, Partners, and self-serve segments at Vidyard. He is a number-driven leader focused on building repeatable sales processes to allow for explosive growth in a scalable way.