Keeping up with your rapidly changing customer needs

4 ways to streamline your Customer Experience


oktober 27, 2021 10:00 CEST

An exclusive look inside Beeckestijn Business Schools' CX Strategy & Organization Course

Customer experience is about how your customer perceive their interactions with your company. It's about all the touchpoints they experience with you business. From their first touch with you company, to their first interaction, to the first time they need support.

These days it is a critical differentiator, but not everyone is doing it well.. 

So how can you actually be successful in CX? 

For Sonja Stalfoort, core lecturer at Beeckestijn Business School, it means keeping up with your rapidly changing customer needs. Extracting energy from customer feedback and using it to inspire employees, generate more satisfied customers and future-proof your business. By becoming a customer-energized organization. 

During this exclusive look inside Beeckestijn BusinessSchools' CX Strategy & Organization Masterclass Sonja will take you through the latest developments in CX as well as giving you the tools to integrate them into your organization in a pragmatic way. 

In this webinar Sonja shares:

  • The 4 most important links in the customer-energy flowchart
  • Some of the latest Customer Experience trends
  • A guide on how customer can positively load your organization and make your CX successful



Sonja Stalfoort

Beeckestijn Business School

Sonja is a core lecturer in the Customer Experience Strategy & Organization and Marketing Management courses at Beeckestijn Business School. With over 20 years of experience in marketing & communications at Fortis ASR, among others, Sonja is an experienced expert in the CX field.