How to build a Customer
Centric CRM Strategy


februari 24, 2022 13:00

Why your business needs a modern CRM

B2B Sales & Marketing is all about delivering the best experience for your buyers. Super relevant and personalized. 

But most commercial teams in B2B still rely on Google, Excel and outdated CRM software.

Here’s how that puts B2B teams at a disadvantage:

  • Sales reps loose precious time
  • Closed-loop reporting is not possible
  • Marketing, sales & service are not aligned

In this webinar, Jasey, CRM Consultant, reveals how to build a vision and plan for a modern CRM

In this webinar Jasey shares:

  • 4 key steps to successfully build your growth stack foundation
  • What tactics you can deploy
  • How to assemble your project team, avoiding project failures and pitfalls
  • A typical process timeline.



Jasey Tielen

CRM Consultant