How Nmbrs achieves growth with inbound and HubSpot

How Nmbrs is generating +136% traffic and closing +10% more deals with a customer-centric sales and marketing methodology.

Nmbrs is an Amsterdam-based HR and payroll software provider for the Dutch and Swedish markets. The company aims to operate in 25 countries by 2025.


Strategic growth through innovative inbound methods.

This goal requires scalable sales and marketing methods. With efficiency, automation, UX and innovation at the foundation of its software, Nmbrs implemented an inbound vision early on. This SaaS leader therefore wants to organize its marketing, sales and service so that they are always relevant: stop selling, start helping.

In this case study, Growth Marketer Ralph van Maris explains how Nmbrs professionalized its commercial organization and doubled website traffic, creating new, high-quality sales opportunities.

The Challenge

To build a predictable and scalable sales and marketing structure that fits their international ambitions and the specific needs of their target audiences, with a view to their goal of operating in 25 countries by 2025. They sought to position their HR and payroll software appropriately in a competitive market.

The solution

The solution for Nmbrs was to achieve an integrated approach where sales and marketing worked closely together to create a predictable, scalable structure. This collaboration and the use of personalized, relevant content allowed them to effectively communicate with their target audience, resulting in increased website traffic and the generation of high-quality leads. This supported Nmbrs in their ambition to grow internationally.


Building a predictable sales and marketing structure

What does the HR and payroll landscape look like? Nmbrs' customer base consists of two main target groups: Accounting firms and companies that provide HR and payroll tools to SMEs. Each target market requires a completely unique method of acquiring new business leads. Nmbrs is also aware that the company's international ambitions require an understanding of different regulations and payroll calculation methods.

If Nmbrs wants to prove to the world that it has the very best HR and payroll software, the company must share the right message at the right time with the right target audience.

Increase growth results = change mindset

With the ambition of being a trusted advisor for clients, Nmbrs decided to apply an inbound method to marketing, sales and service.

Ralph van Maris, Growth Marketer at Nmbrs: "When it comes to tools, our marketers want to stay in control and flexible. We therefore decided very quickly to migrate our website to HubSpot. This allowed us to make adjustments to the site ourselves, without the help of a front-end developer. When HubSpot introduced a CRM to the market, the decision to convert to this tool was easily made. After all, we could then manage the entire customer journey.With HubSpot, we can align marketing and sales and generate more high-quality leads, all captured in one platform: our central point where everything comes together."

Over the years, ambitions grew, and in 2018, Nmbrs saw that the potential of inbound and HubSpot could be better leveraged. How could the company really boost results? Were their marketing efforts aligning with their potential customers' customer journey? Nmbrs chose to join forces with Webs.

Ralph: "We made a selection of Dutch HubSpot partners and quickly saw that Webs stood head and shoulders above the rest. They are the HubSpot partner with the most experience and an extensive team that masters a variety of disciplines. Webs and Nmbrs are also an excellent fit in terms of company culture."

In 2018 and 2019, Webs helped Nmbrs further shape inbound marketing processes and get more results with HubSpot.

Ralph: "Before we worked with Webs, we never knew exactly when a prospect switched to our software. That meant we constantly had to be 'top of mind.' Webs' team helped us see opportunities and develop campaigns that fit the stages of the customer journey. This involved answering questions like "What core problem are we solving?" and "How can we guide qualified leads to sales?

Webs taught us everything we needed to know about inbound marketing and how to work in a more structured way. That's one of the main reasons why working with Webs is so valuable to us."

"Give someone a fish and you feed them for a day. Teach someone to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." Webs showed us the tricks of inbound so that our team could master the method. They are excellent sparring partners." - Ralph van Maris, Growth Marketer at Nmbrs

Website traffic more than doubled within a year

The inbound method pays off. From 2018 to 2019, Nmbrs and Webs achieved a 136% increase in monthly website traffic.

Moreover, by the end of 2019, Nmbrs concluded that they had generated fewer opportunities, but of higher quality. Sales was able to follow up on leads that were better informed and more engaged thanks to marketing efforts. For the Swedish market, Nmbrs saw a 10% increase in the number of deals closed compared to 2018.

Scaling quickly with an eye on customer interests

Ralph: "Webs has brought about a real change in mentality within our organization. Our goal? To become the largest provider of core HR services worldwide. We want to build a scalable commercial organization that always puts the customer at the center of everything we do. That's a tough challenge. We will never underestimate the importance of human contact and representatives who literally speak the customer's language. I'm curious to see what the future holds, but one thing I know for sure - the inbound method is here to stay."