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Unlocking SaaS growth potential with Inbound and HubSpot

How Nmbrs increases traffic with +136% and closes +10% more deals with a customer-centered approach to Sales and Marketing.

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About Nmbrs

Nmbrs, an Amsterdam-based HR and payroll SaaS provider for the Dutch and Swedish markets has the ambition to expand to 25 countries by 2025.

To achieve this goal, a scalable approach to Sales and Marketing is crucial. Having efficiency, automation, UX and innovation at the base of their software, Nmbrs is truly an early adopter of the Inbound mindset. That is why the SaaS frontrunner aims to organize their Marketing, Sales and Service in a way that they are relevant at all times: stop selling, start helping.

In this case study, Growth Marketeer Ralph van Maris explains how Nmbrs professionalized their commercial organization and doubled website traffic, creating new high-quality opportunities for sales.


Building a predictable Sales and Marketing machine

Building a predictable Sales and Marketing machine

So what does the HR and payroll landscape look like? The customer base of Nmbrs consists of two main audiences: Accountancy firms, and businesses providing HR and payroll tools to SMEs. Each target market asks for a completely different approach when it comes to gaining new business leads. On top of that, Nmbrs is aware that their ambition to expand internationally means being aware of different regulations and calculations to handle employee pay.

To prove to the world that Nmbrs has top-notch HR and payroll software, they should be able to match the right message with the right target audience personas at the right time.


Boost growth results = change mindset

Boost growth results = change mindset

Because of its strong ambition to be a trusted advisor for customers, Nmbrs decided to adopt an Inbound approach to Marketing, Sales and Service.

Ralph van Maris, Growth Marketeer at Nmbrs: “Our marketeers want to be in control and maintain an agile approach when it comes to tooling. That is why very early on, we decided to migrate our website to Hubspot. This allowed us, the marketers to make adjustments to our website ourselves without the help of a front-end developer. When HubSpot launched a CRM, it was an easy decision to convert to this tool as well, so we could manage the full customer journey. HubSpot enables us to harmonise Marketing and Sales and gain more high-quality leads, all captured in one platform: ‘our single source of truth’.”

As the years passed and ambitions grew, in 2018 Nmbrs realised that they could better utilise the potential of Inbound and HubSpot. Which tactics could truly boost results? Were they really matching their Marketing efforts with their potential customers’ buyer journey? Nmbrs decided to team up with Webs.

Ralph: “After making a selection of Dutch HubSpot partners, we soon realized that Webs stood out. They are the most experienced HubSpot partner and they have a large team with many disciplines. Also, Webs is an excellent culture fit.”

In 2018 - 2019 Webs helped Nmbrs to further structure Inbound Marketing processes and drive more results with HubSpot.

Ralph: “Before working with Webs, we never knew exactly when a prospect switched to our software. This meant that we needed to be ‘top of mind’ all the time. The Webs team helped us spot opportunities and create campaigns that match our buyer journey phases. Solving questions such as ’Which core problem do we solve?’ and ’How can we further nurture qualified leads towards sales?’

Webs taught us all we needed to know about Inbound Marketing and how to work in a more structured way. This is one of the main reasons why collaborating with Webs was very valuable for us.”

“‘Give a man a fish, and you’ll feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you’ve fed him for a lifetime.’ Webs shows us the ropes of Inbound, enabling our team to master it. They are excellent sparring partners.” - Ralph van Maris, Growth Marketeer at Nmbrs