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Transform your sales performance with HubSpot Sales Hub

Work smarter, not harder. At a time when your ideal customer is inundated with information, it's important to connect with the right person at the right time. To do this, two elements are essential.

checkmark-filled Your sales team must have visibility into what's going on.
checkmark-filled You need to be able to make adjustments based on reliable data and a clear pipeline.

HubSpot Sales Hub puts you in control. Give your sales teams the opportunity to automate the necessary work based on the right reports and data. That way you close more deals in less time and don't lose sight of valuable opportunities.

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HubSpot Sales Hub

All the commercial
context in one place

Whether your approach to commercial success is account based or large scale. Whether you manage multiple sales teams in different countries or deals are closed from a central office. You only make an impact if the technology you work with fits your processes.


No unnecessary administrative work, but efficient and intuitive choices based on reports. Facilitate your teams with tools they can easily and happily work with and your sales department can transcend itself.

One thing is certain; a fragmented sales tool stack does not promote productivity or the need for insight in any case. We see too few sales teams on a clear approach. Tested based on facts and steering information. Not based on gut feeling.

Simple user experience
= higher adoption

The HubSpot Sales Hub, a time-saving tool that provides you with deeper insights into your prospects, automates work and helps close deals faster.


Because this Hub is an integral part of the HubSpot platform, it allows your sales organization to eliminate frictions and collaborate more efficiently based on reliable data. This data is leveraged to prioritize your outreach and predict the health of your pipeline.

Using sequences, you automate prospecting, make sales enablement content accessible, easily report on the efficiency of your sales reps with forecasting, and consistently adjust your messaging based on results. The result? A higher adoption rate within your sales team, thanks to the simple user experience the Sales Hub provides.

Sales hub

Clear sales analysis
and forecasting

The HubSpot Sales Hub provides a consolidated platform for accessing essential steering information in one central place, with a familiar interface and flexibility for custom integrations.


This enables your team to get up and running quickly. From advanced Business Intelligence applications to prospecting tools. All relevant data can be easily integrated via native links (Operations Hub) or custom integrations.

This gives you clear insight into the present and valuable predictions for the future. This enables you to identify opportunities, design your sales process smarter and focus on the most profitable customers.

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Transform your business

Build the foundation
for scalable growth

There is no universal blueprint for success. How do you make sure you set up a process that is scalable and works within your context?


Webs helps you do just that. Whether it's building a business case for using HubSpot Sales Hub, training your team to work successfully within the platform, or helping you manage and maintain your portal.

At Webs, we believe in strategic vistas built on a pragmatic foundation. With this approach, we build the foundation for scalable growth. Within 30 to 90 days, your teams are onboarded and working successfully in the sales hub, from analysis and strategic consulting to management and maintenance.

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For a sales organization with clout, smart software is essential. HubSpot offers a complete cloud solution for modern sales, marketing and service teams.

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HubSpot Sales Hub

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Build the business foundation for scalable growth

by creating a customer-centric, broad-based strategy. Let's work together to develop this strategy.

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