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HubSpot User Days


HubSpot is often perceived as a tool that is super user-friendly. Yet there are often times when you could use some extra help.

We bring HubSpot users in the Netherlands together to share knowledge and learn from each other. Our goal is to create a strong community where we can share insights and grow together.

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What are the
HubSpot User Days?

HubSpot User Days are interactive, knowledge-rich days held six times a year. During these days, we invite you to participate in various master classes and sessions led by our own HubSpot certified trainers. The goal? Helping you get the most out of HubSpot.


Who are these days for?

Whether you're a seasoned HubSpot user, just starting out or looking to get started, HubSpot User Days are open to everyone. And the best part? These days are completely free. It's an excellent opportunity to learn, network and share insights with other professionals in your field.

What to expect.

Each HubSpot User Day is carefully curated with a mix of theoretical frameworks and practical master classes. Topics cover a broad spectrum: from data-driven decision-making with HubSpot Analytics, achieving optimal data management within your portal to optimizing your use of the marketing hub. These days are not only an opportunity to learn, but also to take home immediately applicable skills and strategies.

Upcoming events

Expend your knowledge

We regularly host events to create a community around organizations that are in the process of shaping their business transformation.
We do this through Captains Dinners for C-Suite and HubSpot User Days for users.