WorkFlowWise makes number of leads double every year with HubSpot

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Apr 29, 2024 2:59:48 PM
WorkFlowWise has experienced tremendous growth since 2013 thanks to HubSpot CMS. In 2020 the fourth version of the website will be launched and still the number of new leads is doubling every year while visitor conversion has increased by 30% since the latest updates.



WorkFlowWise was using HubSpot CMS as early as 2013. The company chose HubSpot early on because it fit well with its grand plans for the future, including international expansion and the move to cloud-based technology. The initial website was mainly about setting it up in a logical customer journey. After that, WorkFlowWise's main goal was to attract as many qualified visitors as possible and to have a Web site that always moved with the company and its platform.

The problem the company faced

In 2013, WorkFlowWise was using Exact Synergy for both the marketing and sales teams. However, this system did not have all the functionality needed for success. There was no automation and it was difficult to connect the different systems.

HubSpot CMS's solution

By focusing entirely on inbound methodology, starting with HubSpot CMS plus Marketing Hub, WorkFlowWise ensured that it was ready for the future. WorkFlowWise designed its website as a funnel, from general facts to specific information, managing to create a logical customer journey for its first website. With landing pages, CTAs, forms and workflows, the company improved lead engagement. Since then, WorkFlowWise has been using all the functionality to keep moving with the company and the platform.


As HubSpot (CMS) grew, WorkFlowWise grew with it. After the last update in 2017, WorkFlowWise was able to double relevant traffic and new leads to its website every year. In addition, conversion per website visit increased by 30%.

  • Doubling traffic
  • Doubling of new leads
  • 30% higher conversion per website visit.

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