HubSpot product updates: augustus 2021

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Apr 29, 2024 1:59:03 PM
Where everyone takes a few weeks of well-deserved vacation in August, HubSpot is working hard. And I can tell you, this month they worked extra hard with some brilliant updates. I'll go over the most important updates with you:


Automatic launch of sales sequences

By far No. 1 THE update of the past few weeks. Perhaps from 2021 to now! It is now possible to automatically add contacts in your CRM to a sales sequence. No more manual selection of contacts, but simply create a workflow that automatically starts a sales sequence based on your criteria.

This functionality is now available to anyone with a HubSpot Sales Enterprise or Service Enterprise license.

Watch the video below and see how easy it is to start a sequence!

Creating contacts via workflows

You might think, why is this an update? Contacts are already created, right? That's right. We have a plethora of options with HubSpot for creating contacts: through the CRM, through the sales/email plugin, through the API, through forms, Import files...etc.... But with this option, it is now possible to create new contacts using a workflow. That was just not possible before now.

This gives you some interesting possibilities. What about a referral program where you can let your customers recommend other (potential) customers through a simple form? This offers a world of possibilities!


The only thing you have to take into account is that you have to have an email address to generate the contact through a workflow. As you can see in the screenshot above, you can then also aggregate personalization tokens so you can see which individuals have all been nominated by someone.

Manually adjust the success rate of deals

A question I get regularly is,"Is it possible to manually adjust the success rate of a deal to get my forecasting clearer?"

Until previously, success rates would be determined via pipelines or via the forecasting tool. It was not directly possible to give an individual deal its own success rate. Separate from the pipeline, for example. With this new update you can.

Schermafbeelding 2021-08-19 om 21.13.56

You can now adjust the "deal probability" property of a deal yourself to your heart's content. For example, are you only at the beginning of the sales process, but you think this deal really can't go wrong anymore? Then set the probability to 95% and your forecasting immediately looks rosier.

Note, however, that this obviously works the other way as well.... ;)

HubSpot CMS Starter

A nice addition within HubSpot's CMS packages. HubSpot now offers an inexpensive starter license in addition to the original CMS Pro and Enterprise packages. Perfect for organizations that want to start small while being able to keep up with growth. You enjoy the benefits of a HubSpot CMS where speed, security and self-reliance are paramount. So your organization has all the tools at its fingertips for a scalable and data-driven website. Visit HubSpot's official CMS pricing page for details.

Compare Forms

Crucial for marketers! Which form scores better? The one on page A or page B? Why is that? What are the differences? Where can we optimize. Forms on your website are a crucial conversion point, so it's important that you as a marketer have all the data at your disposal to optimize.

With the new form comparator within HubSpot it is possible to quickly and easily compare the performance of 2 forms. Perfect for extracting learnings and quickly seeing the result of that crucial A/B test for example.


Select the forms you want to compare and click on the compare forms tool.

The workflow minimap

Workflows can sometimes get complex. Lots of branching or segmentation just to do hyper personal and relevant outreach for example. It can sometimes be a jumble of triggers and actions.

With the new minimap with each workflow, you have a high over view of the workflow structure at all times.


Simply click on the "show minimap" link when you have a workflow open.

Tip: these minimaps are also very suitable to use in your presentations or as a sketch example. Your marketing manager may not need to know in detail what a certain workflow does, but on the main lines you can now show him or her perfectly how the lines run!

Stay tuned

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