HubSpot product updates: november 2021

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Apr 29, 2024 1:51:23 PM
We are slowly sliding toward 2022. In the process, we saw some brilliant updates within the HubSpot Growth Suite last month. You'd think HubSpot would slow down a bit now. Nothing could be further from the truth. It looks like we are going to end 2021 very nicely with some very nice updates this time as well.


"Top properties" section within reports

Within the report builder we now have a section called "Top properties". This section gives you an overview of the most commonly used properties for setting up reports. Useful, because this way you don't have to scroll through the (sometimes) endless list to find the properties you need to build your reports with.

The three most common properties are shown on the left side of the builder. In addition, note that these Top priorities are tailored to your HubSpot account. For example, as a Sales Analyst, you generally use different reporting criteria than a Marketer. You will then see your personal most used properties for quick access.

Logging in as other users

It is now possible to log in as other HubSpot users via the user overview. Perfect for checking that each account has the correct permissions. Or because you just want to help your colleague with certain work or to troubleshoot quickly and efficiently as HubSpot admin.

Navigate via settings > users & teams to the user you would like to log in with. Using the Actions button, choose the "Log in as user" option. When you are done with the changes, you can log out again via the log out bar that appears at the top of your screen.

A/B testing of emails in workflows

Previously, it was only possible to run A/B tests on "regular" emails. The classic emails you send to certain lists or segments. However, top marketers regularly use automation workflows to send (automated) mailings at the right times.

It is now possible to also send these emails present in workflows through an A/B test. Perfect to measure the effectiveness of the different variants mailings. This option is available for all Marketing Hub Pro and Enterprise accounts.

You simply set up the A/B test mailing as you are used to. Save these mailings to use for "automation" so you can select them in your workflow. While rigging your workflow, you then select the created mailings. HubSpot will then proportionally send a 50-50 split of the mailings within the workflow.

Testing emails using the sandbox

Continuing on the email front, a new update now allows you to test emails using the new Sandbox environment. We already read last month that HubSpot launched the new Sandbox functionality that allows you to easily set up a test environment. Now it is also possible to send emails through this test environment. Handy to use your test environment for this to avoid influencing your live email stats, for example.

HubSpot iOS app has dark mode

As a marketer, you have great ideas about refinedLast but not least, almost daily. After all the great Apps, HubSpot now also has the option to activate dark mode in the mobile app. Handy if you want to update the CRM at night. ;)

Stay tuned

Only 1 month to go in 2021. I am hopeful that HubSpot will end with a bang. Subscribe to our newsletter and stay tuned.


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