HubSpot Service Hub: how does this help me?

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Apr 29, 2024 2:36:51 PM
The impact a Customer Support team has on your business is enormous. By helping and delighting customers and prospects, Support employees have a direct impact on customer retention, revenue and the overall growth of your business. When you invest in a Customer Support team, you will reap the benefits.


The HubSpot Service Hub gives your Customer Support team the tools and methodology to take service levels to the next level.

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Service Hub Tools.

By using the Hubspot Service Hub tools, you'll take care of your customers with all their issues. Using Conversations, all communication is visible so you never lose track of your customer questions. In addition to the traditional methods of phone and email, help your customers directly through a Live chat from your website or through social media channels. All from a universal inbox.

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Should a question require more time, you do this through theTicket system.Here all questions that have come in are displayed in an orderly fashion. These tickets can be assigned to a team or to a specific employee. This helps your Support team organize the questions and track the status so that a customer always receives a solution in a timely manner.

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What do you do with the questions you get the most from your customers? Share your knowledge! Create articles in your ownKnowledge Basethat you can easily share. Think of this as an FAQ page for the most common questions.

Finally, measuring is knowing. With the variousSurveycapabilities you can find out how customers have experienced service. For example, through HubSpot, you easily send out an NPS to existing customers to determine if they are satisfied and what could be improved.

But of course, you also want to see how your team did. How many tickets were handled this month? How much time was taken to resolve them? Put this valuable information intoReportsandDashboardsand get a clear picture of how the team is performing.

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Satisfied customers

Think carefully about what Custom Support means for your organization and what strategy you will use for it. Make Service a priority in your business. It's an open secret that it takes many times more effort to bring in customers than to retain them.

The chosen strategy determines how you set up the tools to best help your Customer Support team. Which channels fit best? Do you send customers to an automated chat or do you prefer to handle the first contact by phone?

Of course, your goals play an important role in this. Think carefully about whether you want to measure, for example, average ticket resolution time or a customer rating of at least a 6 for each ticket?

Make a plan on how you want to take the Support team to the next level or maybe the best way to start. Once you have started use the Reports and Dashboard to improve, grow and keep your customers 100% satisfied. Because honestly, what could be finer than a satisfied customer?

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