What is the best CMS system for business growth?

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Apr 29, 2024 2:03:37 PM
A CMS is the foundation of your marketing, sales and customer experience. It is therefore crucial that you choose the best CMS. In this article, we explain what to look for when making this choice.


Choose the CMS that fits your growth ambitions

There are hundreds of CMS solutions available today. And a CMS like Wordpress, Craft, Drupal, HubSpot or Sitecore can all be a wise choice,just look at the comparisons on G2. But if you look at the 5 factors below, there is not just one truth, it depends on your situation.

Who is going to use the CMS? And how often? Daily, weekly, monthly? What other tools do I have in my marketing tech stack, how well do they work together, and what is the cost to connect them? What are my growth ambitions? What budget do I have? And what are the returns?

Criteria and features to look for, among others

Flexibility in look and feel

A website is an organic product and is therefore never finished. You will always need a new template or a new module, or want to adjust a specific element. If you have high growth ambitions, it is important to look for a CMS that is efficient and scalable.

CMS as part of your platform

A website is just one part of your entire (online) marketing strategy. In many cases a necessary part, but you can never see it as a separate medium.By making smart use of links, you manage all your data in one system.

When comparing a CMS, look carefully to see if this is possible. Using plugins and integrations, for example, you can link Wordpress to anything, and there are plenty of developers out there who can build a plugin for you. But you'll still keep jumping around between all your tools. Read more about Wordpress vs HubSpot CMS here.

Security and maintenance

Actually a part you don't want to concern yourself with, but still important to think about carefully. With some CMS systems, you are responsible for hosting, (security) updates and maintenance.


It is often forgotten that a CMS does not give you a website. With a template you are cost-effective and fast online, but then you have a website like many others. If you want a website tailored to your needs, with serious B2B functionalities, you will have to hire a developer, a designer, and if you really want to make something of it, a customer experience specialist, a ux-designer or a copywriter.

In principle, a Wordpress website, for example, can cost less than a few tens of dollars a year, but think very carefully about whether you then have the website that will help your business move forward.

Opportunities for developers

Over the years, endless tools have been built that allow developers to work quickly and efficiently.However, as a developer, you will need to think more service-oriented, rather than feature-oriented, when building a Web site. So factor this into your choice.


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