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From insight to impact: Dopper's journey to CRM-driven success

How a connected tech stack enables Dopper to work on crystal clear water everywhere.

If someone asks "What is Dopper?" please don't say "That's a water bottle company."


About Dopper

Dopper is on a mission to empower people to choose reusable water bottles over disposable ones to protect our world's water resources. Every bottle sold reduces plastic pollution and brings clean drinking water to the places where people need it most. That's what makes having a Dopper a sustainable statement: it's a bottle with a mission.

But that's not all...

Dopper raises awareness with international campaigns. To make people realize the need for change. And one by one, they create a movement of changemakers - namely the DopperWave. They also offer educational programs and fund research. This is because they believe that the more you know about a problem, the closer you are to solving it.

The challenge

Dopper sought a strong customer community to support their mission for clean water and reducing plastic pollution. However, they were experiencing difficulties in reaching their target audience, especially through B2B, due to fragmented processes and systems. This hindered their ability to effectively manage and communicate customer data, creating the need for digital transformation and an integrated CRM system.

The solution

The solution for Dopper was to implement an integrated CRM system to connect their customer-facing teams and create a unified customer view. This enabled Dopper to improve their communications, manage customer data effectively and build a strong community around their mission.


Customer impact story

Why - Digital Transformation

  • Dopper is on a mission to empower people to choose reusable water bottles over disposable ones to protect our world's water resources;
  • To support this mission and create a community of wavemakers, Dopper realized they needed to better connect with their customer;
  • That means they needed to talk to the right people (in three different audiences: retail, b2b companies, consumers), at the right time and in the right way.

How - Targeted transformation

  • Business first, technology second: Implement a customer-centric marketing & sales process to better connect with their customers;
  • Provide marketing with tools to build a clear customer journey from all three audiences to deliver personalized content;
  • Implement a global CRM with a single source of truth.

What - Technical Solution

  • Assess the IT landscape and create a comprehensive plan to bring together three different target group processes and ensure full alignment;
  • Phased Onboarding / training on HubSpot Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Ops;
  • Integrate backend integration - with HubSpot as the main CRM
    - to enable data transparency.

Business Challenge

Dopper uses business as a force for good, balancing purpose with profit. To spread the message that Dopper is standing up against plastic pollution - and empower others to do the same - Dopper wants to create a community of Wavemakers working toward crystal clear waters around the world.

But of course, it's hard for people to join a mission if they don't know it exists....

Dopper discovered thatpeople who owned a Dopper bottle were not always aware of the mission behind the bottle - especially if the Dopper was sold through their B2B channel. To properly carry out their mission and empower people to choose reusable bottles over disposable ones, Dopper realized it was crucial to better connect with their customers online - especially when a Dopper was sold through an intermediary.

Dopper realized they needed to talk to the right people, at the right time and in the right way to support their mission. But their customer-facing teams were all working separately from each other. They worked with different processes and systems (because of their three audiences). As a result, they missed crucial customer information in the customer journey, making it difficult to connect with customers online to carry out their mission.

Investing in digital transformation & their HubSpot CRM implementation became crucial to enable this connection.

Why? Because their current customer data was disconnected - resulting in a disconnect with customers.

  • Dopper's IT infrastructure had evolved over the past few years. Tooling was added based on needs at specific times;
  • They had multiple CRM data sets in three different systems - and there was no customer visibility whatsoever;
  • The database was difficult to maintain and the team could not trust the accuracy of the data - making it difficult to talk to the right people in the right way at the right time.

IT Vision Dopper

Being better connected to their online customer meant moving to adigital first organization . Digital first at Dopper meant automating when it was more effective and making sure everyone at Dopper could work in an optimal situation to achieve their mission.

To support Doppers' digital transformation, they had to build the right IT infrastructure. Supporting three different customer journeys in three different audiences: retail, B2B companies and consumers.

Business first, technology second

To help Dopper's business transformation, we started with the business first and technology second. We make sure the technology supports the business and the business processes.

Our Proven CRM Consultancy Process:

Screenshot 2022-12-19 at 11.40.56

Awareness: First, Dopper defined their business goals and strategy and ensured broad organizational alignment for digital transformation; for Dopper, that meant connecting their systems and connecting with their teams and customers.

Second, the C-level evaluated the company's digital maturity, readiness for change and the necessary critical skills and competencies required to do so.

This resulted in the need to restructure both the business processes and their IT landscape.

Screenshot 2022-12-19 at 11.54.50

Desire: To motivate the desire for change, we engaged all stakeholders in identifying, creating and building out the new business and technical models that would support their transformation vision.

By creating a detailed roadmap to move the organization forward and ensuring full alignment with the plan, we were able to motivate the desire for change within Dopper.

Screenshot 2022-12-19 at 11.55.06

Knowledge: We then promoted user adoption by identifying and engaging advocates to define acceptance criteria that would make the change a success for them.

We used the "Train the Trainer" principle to ensure that the application was scalable across Dopper's teams.

Screenshot 2022-12-19 at 11.55.26

Ability: Since adoption is an ongoing process, teams still need to get used to the change. To improve/ensure adoption, we use "User Adoption Monitoring" in HubSpot to identify needed support and training.

Screenshot 2022-12-19 at 11.55.45

Reinforcement: We built Dashboards in HubSpot to measure results and KPIs and evaluate the impact the digital business transformation strategy is having on Dopper's organization and customer.

From 3 to 1 integration

Strategic roadmap with phased rollout

To support Dopper in their business transformation with HubSpot as the main CRM, we used the customer journey of the three different target groups and the desired IT landscape as a starting point. This was to ensure that there was a common understanding - between the different teams - of HubSpot's role within their tech stack and what processes needed to be managed there.

This approach allowed us to determine which functionality and processes were supported by which licenses, and most importantly, to develop a strategic roadmap to determine the key approach that would best support their business objectives.

Screenshot 2022-12-19 at 10.34.40

The key approach to the project was a phased implementation along these lines:

  • Create business impact within 90 days (immediate HubSpot value)
  • Getting up to speed quickly on HubSpot Hubs
  • Start user adoption as soon as possible
  • Less risk due to complexity of integration

CRM process blueprint

With the agreement between Dopper and Webs on what high-level HubSpot implementation looks like, we moved to a more tactical level to define a CRM blueprint of HubSpot's process implementation.

Here we covered the following points:

  • Make sure it is clear what lifecycle stage each contact or business relationship of Dopper was in - keeping in mind the three different audiences;
  • Being clear what responsibility marketing and sales have in that life cycle to achieve better alignment and scalable results;
  • Defining process tasks so we know where to optimize and automate later to increase efficiency.

Data Discovery

We followed with a Data Discovery - combining the CRM process design and all customer data across the IT landscape, including the three systems to be integrated with HubSpot (which the different audiences were working with) to come up with a definitive data model of how the systems should work together.

From three to one integration

By following this process and mapping all the data, we found out that Dopper did not need three integrations, but that one integration was sufficient.

It was only necessary to build an integration between HubSpot and Netsuite to ensure a 360-degree customer view.

Screenshot 2022-12-21 at 09.06.40


We started by onboarding marketing on HubSpot and trained them first, so that Dopper achieved afast time-to-value (within 90 days).

In the second phase, we aligned the CRM implementation for sales with centralizing all CRM data.


Business impact:

  • With the implementation of HubSpot, Dopper's marketing department now has the tools to build a clear customer journey of all three audiences to deliver personalized content and support their mission;
  • Sales and marketing can now use connected customer data to create a better connection with their customer;
  • Dopper has standardized its marketing and sales processes to ensure full alignment between its customer-facing teams;
  • They have embarked on a more data-driven mindset (digital transformation) in marketing and sales;
  • Dopper now has quick access to reporting insights to better predict future investments.