Redesign of the customer journey drives higher engagement/conversion

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Apr 29, 2024 3:03:19 PM
Delmic is a high-tech company in the Netherlands that develops powerful and user-friendly solutions for light and electron microscopy. The company wanted a new website on CMS Hub to improve their online customer journey, storyline and conversion.



Delmic decided to partner with Webs to update its existingCMS Hub-website. The main goal was to develop a well-manageable, flexible, new and structured website, better communicate the brand message/vision, help potential customers find relevant content and convert them into leads. This required focusing more on customer benefits and solutions than on the company's products.

The problem the company faced

As Delmic scaled up as an organization, it outgrew its existing website. There was no more space to showcase new product lines, the design was becoming outdated, pieces of content were difficult to access and overall website performance was lagging.

HubSpot CMS solution.

Webs analyzed goals, buyer personas,customer journeysand Delmic's existing content and then developed a completely new website architecture with a newer, hipper design focused on making its benefits visible to customers. Webs did this by facilitating content discovery using featured content, rebuilding the blog sections, using prominent lateral navigation capabilities to related content, and devising clear next steps using easy-to-use templates/modules and engaging CTAs.


Delmic is able to deliver a complete online customer journey with its new website. Since the launch of the website, the number of visitors has increased, the bounce rate has decreased by 30%, CTAs are performing much better and blog subscriptions have increased.


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