How HubSpot CMS provided 200% more website traffic

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Apr 29, 2024 3:02:09 PM
To align Vostermans' websites with its new customer-centric marketing strategy, the company partnered with Webs to build three brand-new person-centric websites on CMS Hub focused on SEO, CX and lead generation.



Vostermans, a Dutch family-owned company that manufactures axial fans primarily for agricultural and industrial applications, made the transition to a more customer-centric organization. The company opted for inbound marketing, after which it was forced to move from a traditional website to a modern one.

Webs helped by building three new websites that focused not only on the products, but also on sharing valuable content and specially tailored experiences for their prospects.

The problem the company faced

From an inbound marketing perspective, the traditional websites had little focus on informative content, struggled to convert visitors into leads, and some flexibility and security issues were playing out in the background.

HubSpot CMS solution

In order to align Vostermans' websites with its customer-centric marketing strategy, the company chose to start using CMS Hub and build three new websites in partnership with Webs. These three websites were launched with six different language options in one set-up. All sites consist of pages designed and built using careful site structure design, with a strong focus on the inbound marketing philosophy, CX, SEO and lead generation.


The websites have had a positive impact on the buyer journey. Just five months after launch (December 2019), Vostermans was able to double the number of visitors to its website and triple the number of leads compared to previous years.


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