Achieve commercial growth with new global HubSpot Allstars team

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Apr 29, 2024 11:26:01 AM
Webs, along with four other Elite HubSpot partners, today launched the "Global Hub Alliance. An international network created to help organizations scale their commercial operations globally.


Every year, the United States Basketball Association (NBA) features a competition consisting solely of the NBA's best players from both the Western and Eastern conferences. These players are selected by fans, players and the press to join forces and showcase the best basketball.

And so it is now with HubSpot agencies as well. From a selection of over 25 EliteHubSpot partners, a team has emerged consisting of the 5 best HubSpot partners you can find worldwide. As director of Webs, I have been involved in the creation of this top team from the very beginning and I am thrilled that we are going live as of today.

"Once you are labeled the best you want to stay up there, and you can't do it by loafing around. If I don't keep changing, I'm history."

- Larry Bird.

This initiative grew out of the fact that HubSpot is growing rapidly, HubSpot customers increasingly have international ambitions, and HubSpot agencies have evolved from relatively small marketing agencies to full-fledged full service HubSpot providers. With more than 250 certified and accredited professionals, we can now help our B2B customers from 4 continents, in 7 countries and in 8 languages. To that end, the best and largest Elite HubSpot agencies, Webs, Six&Flow, Hype & Dexter, InboundCycle and Media Junction have joined forces and formed the Global Hub Alliancefounded. In this Alliance, we collaborate with HubSpot to help customers in the best possible and uniform way. We also founded the Alliance in order to share knowledge with each other, professionalize and internationalize our employees, and offer a broader range of HubSpot services.

Global Coverage, Local support

In the past it sometimes happened that we could only help customers with international ambitions from our own offices, especially with Dutch, English and German HubSpot content campaigns and implementations. That's fine in the beginning but now we can also support customers in Spanish, French, and many other languages. But more importantly, we can now also make an impact locally worldwide with top HubSpot professionals in consulting and implementations with HubSpot.

And then not just remotely, via video call, but by being present real life, in the physical space to guide the implementation of HubSpot. Real local support, in other words. And that local presence in digital transitions is quite often underestimated, especially in these Corona times. Digital transition doesn't happen by implementing a new CRM system remotely. If only it were that simple. Digital transition occurs by working closely with professionals both in knowledge, skill and behavior to transform the culture of the company. This involves the people, the processes and their systems. And that is where local proximity is a prerequisite.

It's not only a showcase

The biggest criticism of the NBA All Star teams and even more so the games is that it's mostly about the show. Of course, it is not a normal league and it was initiated in 1951 primarily to put the sport of basketball on the map in the rapidly growing media society of the USA. And that has more than succeeded. Players truly find the pageantry an appreciation that counts. And they are more than 100% committed to making these games the exponent of global basketball. And so it will have to be the same with the Global Hub Alliance. Global Hub Alliance customers will experience being helped by the best HubSpot professionals worldwide. And that is not a one-time showcase but a long-term endeavor woven into the DNA. We will be committed to that with the entire Webs team.

'I Can't Accept Not Trying'

- Michael Jordan,


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