HubSpot product updates: January 2022

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Apr 29, 2024 1:40:18 PM
New year, new me? Better HubSpot! Also in 2022, HubSpot will continue to make huge strides to expand its growth suite. With in this first month of the new year, there are immediately a couple of brilliant updates that many an organization has been waiting for.


Microsoft Teams

What a bombshell HubSpot dropped a few days ago. A much requested request is finally available! It is now possible to link your Microsoft Teams account to HubSpot. By setting up this connection, you will immediately benefit from some advantages:

1. Use a Teams link within the meeting tool
If you are a sales or service team using the meeting tool then you probably already know that you can easily add a zoom link to your meetings. Handy to digitally schedule an appointment directly. With the Teams connection you can now add a Teams link next to Zoom. So you are no longer directly tied to Zoom or Google. Nice for organizations running internally on the Microsoft.

2. Notifications via Teams
You probably already use email notifications via HubSpot. In-app notifications or you get a notification when you have HubSpot open in your browser. Slack - without question! This is where HubSpot is now adding Teams. It is possible to get notifications not only through the previously mentioned channels but this can now also be done through the Teams app. Super to be notified directly via Teams about that new MQL or a deal just completed by your colleague!

3. Microsoft Teams channel creation via HubSpot
This third addition is a bit more situational and certainly not relevant for everyone. But it is also possible to automatically create Microsoft Teams channels via workflows based on criteria you define. This can be very useful in some situations.

For example, think of a nice workflow that automatically creates a channel the moment a new customer/deal comes in. Can you get started immediately through Teams and set the first actions.

You can install the Microsoft Teams connection through the App Marketplace. Note that it is still in (public) BETA.

Better workflow reporting

Measuring the effectiveness of workflows is a daunting task for many a sales, service, or marketing team. Often the end goal of the workflow is quickly looked at. How many people have reached the goal and where did they drop out? You quickly fall back on the content of the workflow, that one nurture email for example, or that specific notification. With a new workflow overview you can now better analyze the entire workflow and discover trends and developments across the board.

Simply navigate to your workflow and choose the Actions > details option.

Here we see several new reports:

1. Performance data for all workflow types (and thus not only of contact-related workflows)
2. Email performance
3. Enrollment trends
4. Comparison of enrollments between 2 different periods
5. Workflow history and activities.

Multi-step feedback surveys

If you work within Marketing or (customer) service then you probably know that you should not make your conversion forms too long. The more information you ask for the less chance you have of someone filling out this form. It is a continuous game between you and the visitor. You need that information to report and segment properly and the visitor wants to give away as little information as possible and simply attend an ebook or webinar.

In terms of soliciting feedback, it's no different. Do you see a "short" survey with 25 questions or just a survey with 2 questions. The preference will quickly go to the 2nd variant. With this update, through the Service hub, you have the ability to split your survey into parts. This way you can decide with which survey questions you start. Once these questions are completed, the visitor can navigate to the next page to complete the rest of the questions.

This way you avoid overloading your recipients with a large set of questions, but by spreading the questions over several pages you guide them through step by step.

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