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Apr 29, 2024 10:27:21 AM
At the beginning of October, we - Tim, Tom and Dangelo - started a Traineeship at Webs. After a long period of school, the exams and lecture halls gave way to the next step in our careers. But what exactly this next step would be, we all found difficult.


In search of a suitable

After graduation, one question constantly haunts your mind: Now what? In today's market, the supply of employers is enormous. But what do you really want? Which job fits me? And which employer can offer me the best job?

That is why in this blog we would like to introduce you to who we are, our search for the right next step and our first experiences with the Webs traineeship.

Who are we - besides very enthusiastic trainees?

I'm Tim, 22 years old and in June 2022 I completed my Business Administration studies at Avans University of Applied Sciences in Den Bosch. A very broad study where you can actually go in any direction. Even before my studies, I became interested in online marketing. That is why I did the minor online marketing during my studies, which confirmed that this was the direction I wanted to go in. I did not know exactly which part of online marketing I wanted to study. I wanted to get to know as many aspects as possible and because of this I did not feel ready for a specific junior position. In addition to my full-time job at Webs, I work in the hospitality industry on weekends, working as a waiter at large parties. Outside of work, I keep busy with fitness and enjoy listening to podcasts. My superpower? I can juggle random objects.

Hey, I'm Tom. I'm 24 years old, I live in Mierlo and am currently a trainee at Webs. I graduated in February 2022 at Fontys in Eindhoven, where I studied ICT & Media Design. Besides my study/work I am big tabletop fanatic. Board games, card games, Dungeons & Dragons, you name it. I also enjoy sports, visiting festivals with friends and even being an art lover from time to time. My superpower? Always being everywhere on time, unless I put effort into it, then I'll be late.

I'm Dangelo, 21 years old and live in Nuenen. In June 2022 I graduated from the course Commercial Economics at the Fontys Hogescholen in Eindhoven. Meanwhile I'm already 3 months trainee at Webs. In my spare time I spend a lot of time at the gym and on the soccer field. A drink or festival with friends? I do not say no to that easily. Furthermore, I like to travel, although I still have plenty of locations to visit. A quirky fact about myself is that I am really always hungry.

The choice is vast but so also very difficult

After our college education, we found that we didn't feel the need to continue our studies. We felt we had learned most in practice, during our internships. We were ready to start the real work. It soon became apparent that we had one thing in common. Our educations were very broad. That broad basic knowledge did not help in making a choice. On the contrary. The supply within the job market only increased.

"At one point I almost had more connections with recruiters than with people I actually knew! Then when yet another 'perfect match' pops into your inbox, you read over it rather quickly." - Tom

Many offers poured in via LinkedIn, mostly junior positions. So this seemed like the most logical step. Or did it? We quickly ran into a few things:

  • The standard range of tasks in every job description - is this really what I want?
  • A lack of clear advancement opportunities - I want to know where I can work towards.
  • Bringing at least 2/3 years of work experience as a junior - I just came out of college, the only work experience is from my side job and internships.

For these reasons we ended up at a traineeship. Here you can develop yourself into a full-fledged junior while working. You are included in the current work of a company, given the space to discover what suits you and the opportunity to develop. For example, the traineeship at Webs is divided into CRM and marketing. The expected experience at a traineeship felt much more realistic to us for someone just out of college. So a logical step.

After several interviews at different companies, the traineeship at Webs stood out. Now you must be wondering, "But why? Webs tackled all the problems we encountered during our search:

A clear growth path that focuses on your development; a good company culture; a nice, informal atmosphere; social colleagues; office in the heart of Eindhoven.... Who wouldn't want that?


Getting acquainted - face to face because that's allowed

After signing our contract the time had come. The start of our traineeship. On October 3, we began the first working day of many with great enthusiasm and pleasure. The first week(s) of the traineeship was all about getting to know each other. In the first week an escaperoom was planned and several interviews took place at the office. This was to get acquainted with the various departments and to get to know colleagues more personally. We were also immediately included in all the fun company activities such as, not unimportantly, the vrijmibo's or lunch at Downtown Gourmet Market.

"After having worked elsewhere for X number of years, arriving at Webs felt like a warm bath."
- Every Webser during the introduction

We were told by many colleagues during this introduction that Webs can be described as a warm bath. Something they have not always experienced at previous employers. Furthermore, in the first week, attention was paid directly to us as individuals through a Disc test. This test gives a picture of how you are as a person, what your individual qualities are and how they can best be utilized within Webs. This shows how important Webs considers the personalities of the people working in the company to be.

Blog 24.1

Going full out and learning

Over the past few months, we have been mostly busy with practice assignments. These were largely internal, but we have also been working for customers. The purpose of the assignments was to get acquainted with HubSpot and all of its Hubs, delve into the internal processes of Webs, practice giving talks and presenting to customers. Above all, just doing a lot.

In carrying out these projects, we were really thrown in at the deep end. Making mistakes is seen by Webs as an important part of the learning process and is therefore also encouraged. As a result, we learned an enormous amount in a short period of time, both professionally and personally. Webs provides a safe environment to make these mistakes. #you can work anywhere #growwithwebs

Blog 24.2

Furthermore, much attention is paid to our development. For example, we regularly follow (online) courses within HubSpot Academy and we are coached by different colleagues. This ensures, step by step, that you will have the necessary knowledge needed to eventually work independently.

Our future at Webs

Hopefully happily ever after... In the coming months, we will be observing and participating in various customer projects. So we will continue to discover where our interests really lie, so that after a traineeship of about 7 months we can grow into a suitable junior position within Webs. What this position will be exactly depends on our interests. From Content Marketer or SEA Specialist to HubSpot Implementation Specialist or HubSpot Consultant.

In summary, we feel right at home within Webs. First, because the format of a traineeship seems to suit us much better than a junior position. Secondly, because at Webs we enjoy going to work every day.

Want to know more about our traineeship? Our second blog will be published soon. Bye!


Per-User Model: Implementing a per-user model with a single seat type for Starter, known as the Core Seat.

Unlimited View-Only Seats: Paid portal users who don't require edit access in HubSpot can now enjoy unlimited view-only seats.

Free Tools: Limiting the number of edit users for Free Tools to a maximum of five.


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What changes in the Pricing model?

View-only seat

View HubSpot features without edit access. Best for business leaders.


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Core seat

Edit access to purchased Hubs and connection to Smart CRM. Best for marketers, admins, developers, and operations.


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Sales & Service Hub seat

Everything included in a Core Seat plus Sales and Service features. Best for sales and service reps and enablement


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Overview of HubSpot's new pricing subscription


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Frequently asked questions

If I'm a HubSpot client, how does this new pricing model affect my current subscription account?

Existing customers will not be immediately impacted by this change. Your current subscription price will remain unaffected in the short-term.

Will my HubSpot subscription be migrated to the new model? And if so, when?

Existing customers will be migrated to the new pricing model in phases, starting later this year and likely extending into 2025. Your migration date will be communicated in advance, with assistance provided by your Customer Success Manager.


HubSpot's new pricing model represents a significant step forward in meeting the diverse needs of its user base. With its focus on scalability, flexibility, and connectivity, users can expect a more tailored and efficient CRM experience. While existing customers will undergo a phased migration, the ultimate goal is to enhance user satisfaction and drive business growth.


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