Online marketing strategy verbeteren: Digital Maturity Model

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Apr 29, 2024 2:37:19 PM
We are in the midst of the digital revolution, no industry can deny that. The digital developments of recent years are having a major impact on the way customers buy, and therefore on how we do business. Mat what are prerequisites for achieving digital maturity as an organization? And where are we now?

To help you take these (follow-up) steps, we have developed the Digital Maturity Scan based on the Digital Maturity Model.


Digital Maturity Model

The Digital Maturity Model shows the current digital maturity of 'online' within an organization based on the steps below.


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The first level is a 'basic' digital maturity. The organization has an online presence: the website provides information about the company and product or service. Social media accounts may have been set up. A rough thought has been given to the online marketing strategy and global objectives have been put on paper. Some statistics are measured, such as the number of visitors to the site and the number of followers on social media. There are several stand-alone tools that allow certain tasks to be performed (such as MailChimp for newsletters, Hootsuite for social media and Google Analytics to measure results).


By working on the online marketing strategy, the organization has already derived revenue from online. This online marketing strategy already aligns with the business goals. The website is findable online. It is also the "gateway" to other digital expressions of the organization, which communicate with each other. The site is set up to generate leads. Objectives are conditionally and measurably formulated. Thought has been given to segmenting different target groups and messages are adjusted accordingly.


There is a clear online marketing strategy in place. The company's digital strategy and direction are one. The customer's stage in the buying process of the different target groups is considered. Channels, content, timing and messages are adjusted accordingly. Optimizing conversion and lead generation are continuously on the agenda. Results are measured intensively and according to guidelines. Tactical objectives are adjusted on a monthly basis.


There is an online focus within the entire organization. The business model follows the online marketing strategy! Marketing and sales departments work together optimally to achieve goals and focus on the customer in all phases of the sales cycle. This is because it is clear in which part of the sales funnel an individual lead is in. Content is then personalized and automated based on behavior. Channels are "cross channel" integrated with each other.


Online and offline, the organization guarantees one constant brand experience. There is 1 on 1 communication with each individual (potential) customer and marketing automation is widely implemented. There is real-time analysis and action. This ensures loyal, faithful and engaged customers. The organization is constantly working to understand the customer and adapt its products accordingly.

Digital Maturity Scan

Using the Digital Maturity Scan you can check your ranking on this digital ladder. After completing the scan, your digital maturity is determined. In thinking, doing, culture, structures and technologies, the importance of an online marketing strategy should be clear.

And wherever a change process takes place, decision-makers and influencers are always involved. The Digital Maturity Scan gives both decision-makers and influencers within the organization a tool to guide online developments and substantiate the need for online investments.

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Example of the Digital Maturity Report


The Digital Maturity Scan measures how your organization scores based on a number of factors:strategic & organizational level, deployment of online channels, customer focus, measuring success and the underlying technology.

Tips & tricks for your online marketing strategy

The report contains useful tips & tricks to help you take the next steps in your online strategy. Get started right away and improve the online level of your organization.


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