Webs first HubSpot Elite partner of Benelux

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Apr 29, 2024 2:19:17 PM
Emerce: Webs first HubSpot Elite partner of Benelux

Webs, the number one HubSpot partner in the Benelux, has joined the new Elite tier of the revamped HubSpot Solutions Partner Program. Only 5 partners worldwide have been awarded this status, with Webs being the only Elite partner in the Benelux. The renewed status demonstrates that for any commercial issue, no matter how complex, customers can turn to Webs to realize their full growth potential.


The announcement of the new tier in the HubSpot partner program stems from HubSpot's revamped Solutions Partner Program. Launched today to celebrate the partner program's tenth anniversary, this program replaces the original Agency Partner Program. This will make it even easier for companies to find the right service providers for their business.
"HubSpot has continued to expand its services over the past decade. Since joining the partner program in 2014, we have grown with them in this," said Emiel Kanters, Managing Director at Webs. "We have continuously broadened our expertise to meet the changing needs of our customers. The HubSpot platform is now so large that companies can lose the overview. As a Solutions Partner, we help these companies get started with a proven successful solution and ensure that they achieve their goals faster."

To realize the full growth potential, companies need to look beyond marketing alone. The HubSpot suite has therefore evolved over the years from marketing hub to a comprehensive commerce hub with marketing, sales, customer success and CRM components. To get the most out of this suite, local partners support companies in the implementation and strategic deployment of HubSpot. To this end, Webs has 40 certified HubSpot experts in house with the right knowledge in every area of the commercial process.

"As a consulting partner, we help companies along the easy path to convert their potential into actual business growth. Our new status as an Elite partner shows HubSpot's confidence in us and our ability to tackle our customers' most complex commercial issues. This award also supports us in our growth ambition: starting in 2020, we will be working hard to expand abroad. I am proud that we can show what we have to offer, and that our services are valued at the right level," Kanters said.


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