Webs settles in Innovation House Epicenter Amsterdam

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Apr 29, 2024 1:18:34 PM
Emerce: Webs, HubSpot Diamond Partner, settles in Innovation House Epicenter Amsterdam

Webs, the Inbound Marketing, Sales and Service agency and only HubSpot Diamond Partner in the Benelux, today announced it is settling in Epicenter Amsterdam. The official opening took place on Wednesday, February 13.


Epicenter is Amsterdam's first innovation house dedicated to innovation, knowledge sharing and development. A community for business innovators, digital scale-ups and entrepreneurs on the Zuidas (EDGE Olympic). Members of the Epicenter community include EVBox, Garage and StartUp Delta.

Perfect match
"Web's proven success within Inbound Marketing and their special partnership with HubSpot, fit perfectly with Epicenter's goal of offering a curated environment for companies looking to be at the forefront of digital transformation" said Patrick Mesterton, CEO/Founder Epicenter.

"We help B2B companies do business better in the digital age. Growth, innovation and knowledge sharing are important pillars for us - the way Epicenter works fits this perfectly." Says Camiel Freriks, Strategy Director & Founder of Webs. "A place where the future is worked on together, that's where we feel at home."

Official opening
On Wednesday, Feb. 13, the official opening took place in collaboration with HubSpot and Growth Tribe. It kicked off with a content session on A.I. in B2B Marketing & Sales.


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