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All there is to know about a HubSpot integration

One of the biggest challenges we are facing while using a large number of independent tools is how to properly handle all the data those tools are consuming and generating. It’s more important than ever to integrate the data dependent applications to avoid data corruption in essential software...

3 min read

How data-driven are the front offices in B2B?

Why is data essential to commercial success? If your data is fragmented, you can’t draw conclusions, you don’t know what is and isn’t working, employees within your commercial department can’t talk to each other, you won’t get to know your prospects properly and you can’t service customers as well as you’d like. How come? The answer is simple: there is no single source of truth...

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How Nmbrs grows with Inbound and HubSpot


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The frictionless way to make B2B sales fly

The funnel is dead – most people know that by now. But has the flywheel been universally adopted yet? I very much doubt it. Be honest: how central are your future customers within your commercial process? Are you able to fully integrate your marketing, sales and customer service processes? Building bridges won’t cut it any longer...

3 min read

Demonstrate the contribution made by marketing (5 step plan)

Setting marketing objectives is tough – certainly in business-to-business. Marketing is not an exact science and B2B sales cycles tend to be very long. This makes it harder to demonstrate the contribution made by marketing. But with no measurable outcomes, why would your management team want to talk with you? High time for a change...

3 min read

What do you get when you do a Marketing onboarding with Webs

One of the first decisions you’ll make as a new HubSpot Marketing user is who you’ll task with onboarding your portal. Will you choose to onboard through HubSpot, or will you choose to onboard via an agency? We’ve already written a blog highlighting the differences between HubSpot and Agency onboarding, however this blog will focus on how Webs specifically approaches this subject...

2 min read

5 Situations When Not to Choose HubSpot

There’s a dangerous thought floating around about HubSpot. It goes something like this; HubSpot is an "all-in-one marketing software" that can solve any marketing or sales problem and catapult your business to new growth easily. While this statement holds true for most businesses that invest in HubSpot… it simply isn’t true when applied across the board. HubSpot isn’t always for everybody...

4 min read

HubSpot Service Hub: how will it help me?

A customer support team has a huge impact on your company. By helping and surprising customers and prospects, the team will have a direct impact on customer retention, revenue and your company’s overall growth. Invest in a customer support team and you will reap the rewards. The HubSpot Service Hub gives your...

2 min read

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