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The Top 6 Reasons to Choose HubSpot

You might be asking yourself what the most important reasons to choose HubSpot are? They’re numerous, and probably quite personal to your specific business. But to help you understand how it can support your business, we’ve rounded up the six most important reasons why HubSpot is the right choice for you...

5 min read

6 Important KPIs for Marketing Managers to Prove Added Value

Without knowing the right KPIs to track and analyse, your marketing efforts are going to struggle to prove their worth to anyone who doesn’t truly understand what they’re doing. That’s why we’ve covered the six most important KPIs for marketing managers to track and prove added value to their commercial directors.

4 min read

How Nmbrs grows with Inbound and HubSpot


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Salesforce: Whats the alternative?

Salesforce recently made the announcement that it would now be offering 360-degree customer insight into their own diversified and fragmented landscape known as Salesforce. That's all very well, of course, but a keen observer will think: What The F...? Isn't that what a good CRM is supposed to be able to do anyway?

9 min read

How to Convince Management You Need a New Website

It’s a tricky situation when your goals keep being increased, but budgets don’t. But too often marketers are put in the difficult place of needing to approach management with the request for additional budget to update or rebuild your website. The good news is that this conversation doesn’t need to be difficult...

4 min read

The Step-by-step Guide for Building a B2B Website

Running a business today means that you need an online presence, but creating a website can seem too overwhelming to even start. The difficulty in building a B2B website might make you delay doing it, but 70-80% of consumers use the Internet to research a business prior to any purchase…

7 min read

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