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HubSpot Sales Hub

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HubSpot Sales Hub

The HubSpot Sales Hub is a time-saving tool that gives you deeper insights into your prospects, automate busy work and help you close more deals faster. Because the Hub is part of the HubSpot CRM platform, teams can eliminate friction and achieve unparalleled cross-functional alignement. This means: use data to prioritize your outreach and predict pipeline health, leverage automation and put prospecting on autopilot, create sales enablement content that's accessible and on-brand, report on rep efficiency with robust forecasting and sales analytics and keep your messaging consistent across all touchpoints.

HubSpot Sales Software for those most responsive to change.Tomorrow’s winners.

By the numbers
Get in front of the right people

Know which prospects are interested in your company’s products and services – without even asking.

Organise all sales activity in one place

Bridge the gap between companies, contacts, deals, and tickets with HubSpot as a single point of truth.

Scale your organisation as you grow

No more disparate systems and reporting troubles. HubSpot Sales Hub accommodates your growth.

Lead your sales teams based on performance and sales data.

Track your entire pipeline - pipeline management

Check your progress against sales quotas and the overall health of your team's pipeline.

Rally your team around the right deals

Identify where your pipeline potential revenue is piling up and take action

Increase the productivity of your sales teams

Automate time-consuming tasks like follow-up mails, task creation, and more with HubSpot sales automation

Eliminate manual data entries

Automatically log contact info and email opens and clicks to avoid data pollution.

Share killer performing templates

Create templates, measure their performance, and share the best ones with your entire team.

Keep your finger on the pulse of your sales team’s performance.

Track deals and see which reps are your best performers – and why.

Work smarter and focus on actual interactions with customers.

Establish clever first connections

Make prospects feel like they are in control by letting them book meetings at a time convenient for them.

Cut through the noise in your prospects’ inboxes

Build engagement and nurture your prospects with tools such as HubSpot video.

Smash your day-to-day activity targets

Use sequences and workflows to automate manual tasks: create deals, send emails, and more.

Timely follow-up with the hottest leads

Surface the most relevant notifications to the top of your feed and prioritise the hottest leads.

Reduce your sales rep’s ramp time

Create interactive playbooks for every stage of your sales cycle to ensure all the right questions are being asked.

Get those deals seriously rolling

Track deals won, lost, and in progress to see what works and what doesn't.

Sneak peek: HubSpot Sales Hub

Stop selling, start helping. Thijs and Dee will tell you all about the benefits of HubSpot Sales Hub in just 2 minutes.

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An account executive who is chatting with a prospect to check if HubSpot is a good fit

HubSpot Sales Fit Assessment

Still considering.

HubSpot Sales Hub is ideal for all types of sales teams, but is it right for you?

One of our HubSpot Experts will assess your business to determine whether HubSpot is suited to your sales strategy and processes before you invest in the tool.

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A strategic planner who is planning the process of getting started with the right tools at the right time

HubSpot Sales Implementation Consulting

Decision made.

You’ve determined HubSpot Sales Hub is the right move for your marketing team and your company. But you need help getting it implemented the right way.

We’ll work with your team to set up your new HubSpot Sales tools, offering consulting on pipelines, deal stages, contact and deal resources, sales productivity tools, and more.

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A consultant in a workshop to see how the team spends their time

HubSpot Sales & CRM Workshop or Audit

Tools implemented.

You’ve already purchased HubSpot Sales Hub, but you’re unsure if your team is getting the most out of it.

During the one-day workshop, a Webs HubSpot Certified Trainer will check if HubSpot has been customised to meet your organizational needs and will train your team on how to use the tools.

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A consultant conducting a training on how to use the sales tools HubSpot offer

HubSpot Sales & CRM Training

Advanced users.

Your sales team already has a basic understanding of how to make the most of their new technology.

Future-proof your investment over the course of one year with in-depth training on how to align your long-term business goals with your HubSpot portal.

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Get the expertise, capacity, 
and services to #UnlockYourGrowth

Join the 150+ B2B companies that trusted us with their digital transformation.

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Drive new business growth and increase customer retention

Get the strategic HubSpot support you need with our Sales Hub Consultancy service.

Get the capabilities to utilize your potential

Bring together the capabilities of your customer-facing teams with our HubSpot expertise.

Leverage the HubSpot Sales/CRM Platform

Harness the power of the HubSpot Sales Hub with our implementation, audit, or assessment services.


"A few years ago it was also time to match the way we sell at TÜV with how the customer buys today. We started by aligning our marketing and sales processes..."

Edwin Franken

Managing Director, TÜV Nederland

TÜV Nederland

Bridging the Sales gap: innovate the sales process and generate new business

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By the numbers


of sales leaders surveyed are adopting a remote or hybrid sales model next year

Source: HubSpot Research Global Sales Enablement Survey

“WorkFlowWise has been working with HubSpot Marketing/CMS since 2013, so moving sales to the same platform was a logical next step. Webs' knowledgeable team has created a starting point to leverage the tooling to the fullest.”

Rolf Tjalsma WorkFlowWise

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