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Dharmesh Shah

CTO and Founder of HubSpot

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Ralph van Maris Nmbrs

"When it comes to tools, our marketers want to keep control themselves to remain flexible. That's why we quickly decided to migrate our website to HubSpot. This allowed us to make changes to the site ourselves, without the help of a developer. When HubSpot launched a CRM as well, the decision to convert to this CRM was made. With HubSpot, we can align marketing and sales and generate more high-quality leads, all of which are captured in a single platform..."

Ralph van Maris

Growth Marketer at Nmbrs


How Nmbrs grows with Inbound and HubSpot

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By the numbers


Successful SaaS transformations.

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The Transformation of SaaS

These days, every self-respecting software company tells customers that their product is a SaaS solution. So they should, because who today wants massive, complex applications that need to be run on in-house servers? Applications managed by an army of IT specialists who prescribe what the business can and can’t do?

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"Our Sales department consisted mainly of account managers who served both existing customers and were 'on the hunt' for new ones. We mainly focussed on cold calling. The lead lists were not qualified and we didn't have enough common ground to start a conversation with prospects. In addition, there was no online marketing power within the organization. We had to admit that this was not going to work..."

Filipe Oliveira da Silva

Managing Director at Veco Precision

Veco Precision

Becoming the number #1 co-development partner

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By the numbers


successful transformations with manufacturing companies.

What's your challenge?

The Digital Transformation Of Industrial Marketing And Sales

Something strange is happening in the manufacturing industry, causing the potential of these companies to go unfulfilled. That’s unfortunate, particularly since the average pay-back period has become shorter due to a huge decrease in the product life cycle over the past 30 years.
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“We see HubSpot as a digital trade fair, because marketing and sales now have a stage to show a global audience what our digital textile printers can do. It enables us to reach the right people through the right digital channels at the right time. Webs has helped us on this journey. They adopted a way of working that best suits our product.”

Jos Notermans SPG Prints

A woman running across a pedestrian crossing
A woman running across a pedestrian crossing
A woman running across a pedestrian crossing
A woman running across a pedestrian crossing

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