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HubSpot’s evolution: from a CRM to an AI-Powered Customer Platform

Over the years, HubSpot has evolved from a simple marketing automation platform into an all-in-one CRM platform, providing a 360-degree view with a single source of truth for all your customer data. The future of HubSpot seems focused on further expanding and enhancing these functionalities. Hubspot continues to invest in artificial intelligence (AI), personalization, and automation to assist users in making better decisions and delivering more personalized customer experiences. In particular, AI is a significant development. AI is changing how people work, shop and buy, which means it is useful for you to adapt these new technologies and features into your business processes to achieve your business goals. In this blog, we will discuss the evolution of HubSpot CRM changing into an AI-powered Customer Platform. 

The next chapter: HubSpot's blueprint for the future

HubSpot is introducing a new framework that reflects on how HubSpot positions itself in the future. HubSpot is evolving from a CRM platform into a Customer Platform consisting of Smart CRM, Engagement Hubs and a Connected Ecosystem that enables companies to better understand their customers. This evolution will result in a better customer connection, making reaching or exceeding your business goals easier.

The new Customer Platform is an  AI-powered package which is driven by one of the strongest and newest task-driving tools to better understand your customers. It contains the following three key components:

  • Engagement Hubs that attach your front office with customers across the entire journey. Engagement Hubs ensure that every interaction, from the first touchpoint to the final conversation, is seamless and meaningful;
  • Smart CRM Hubs that merge customer data with AI energise the whole platform and enhance efficiency. This hub makes it easy to target the right audience, personalize content and automate repetitive tasks;
  • Connected Ecosystem that broadens the customer platform through an app marketplace. This ecosystem fosters innovation by integrating with other tools and services, allowing businesses to tailor their HubSpot experience to their unique needs.


 “HubSpot's new Smart CRM collects data and unifies the "Why, How and What" to get useful customer insights and create a database you can rely on to better understand your customers’ underlying thoughts and needs.”

The new possibilities of HubSpot’s AI-powered Smart CRM

The HubSpot Smart CRM is an AI-powered system of records. The days of building a customer database of disconnected data and delivering unsatisfying experiences with old database models are gone. Using these old Customer Data Platforms and CRMs makes it impossible to better understand your customers' underlying thoughts and needs. That's the reason why HubSpot developed the Smart CRM. It immediately collects the data and unifies the "why, how and what" to create a database you can rely on and get useful customer insights. The AI-powered system allows businesses to automate various marketing and sales processes even more, improves decision-making, and optimizes overall efficiency in customer relationship management and digital marketing efforts. 

These insights will help your business better understand your customers' thoughts and needs to create a better connection. This deeper connection boosts the customer lifetime value, word-of-mouth marketing, reducing customer dropout, and more, which benefits the process of achieving your business goals. 

HubSpot's Smart CRM connects all of the engagement Hubs with an AI-powered system of record. The Smart CRM combines, enhances, and removes duplicates from customer data across traditionally separate data sources. This makes it possible to store data more efficiently and immediately transform consumer/business data into shared business insights. 

The growth of HubSpot and its impact on businesses

HubSpot has evolved strongly, transitioning from a primary marketing automation platform to an AI-powered Customer Platform with Engagement Hubs, a Smart CRM and a Connected Ecosystem. This evolution is led by a great ambition for expanding and improving functionalities with a strong focus on AI, personalization, and automation. The rise of AI presents new challenges and opportunities, transforming how businesses operate and engage with customers. This evolution promises exciting possibilities for your business to achieve your goals through improved customer insights and engagement.

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