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B2B companies are facing a growing customer experience challenge

Today’s consumers don’t just buy products or services. They buy into an experience.

Business-to-business customers no longer base their loyalty only on what a company delivers. Their purchase decisions revolve more and more around buying into an experience. 

Your B2B customer journey is simply more complex than for B2C companies

Differentiate on customer experience. Start from a people perspective.

In B2B, relationships often go deeper. There are more stakeholders involved, and the stakes are usually higher. Design a customer experience journey that supports this. 

Building a digital customer experience is key to your success

It’s becoming increasingly important to build relationships based on digital interactions.

The digitisation of B2B is inevitable. It’s all about striking the right balance between digital and human interaction.


“Together with Webs, we work hard to be as relevant as possible to our customers. I see Webs as a true knowledge partner, with whom we can work well together - informally, professionally and in a well-structured way.”

Lisa Hagoort HEYDAY

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Deepen your understanding of customer needs

A customer journey map is essential for businesses that want to deepen their understanding of customer needs and expectations. We work with you to visualise the end-to-end customer experience, identify the key moments, and eliminate inconsistencies.

Build relationships based on the digital customer experience

As we’re becoming increasingly digital, it’s increasingly important to build relationships based on digital interactions. We’ll help you transform and digitise your customer experience strategy, starting with your website.

Close the loop – take action on digital data

The ever-evolving expectations of customers always come first. What works one day may not work the next. Together we build a closed-loop feedback solution so you can keep exceeding your customers’ expectations.
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Nail down your customer needs

We’ll help you get an understanding of your ideal customer and their goals. With marketing research, data study, user groups and customer analytic tools we’ll nail down your customer needs. 

Know when your customers get stuck

We use usability testing techniques, visitor profiling, a/b testing and content effectiveness testing to look for undiscovered, unmet customer needs and diagnose the effectiveness of your journeys. 

Smoothen your digital customer experience

You don’t want your potential customers to jump through digital hoops to overcome obstacles as digital interactions are becoming more and more important in B2B. Together we’ll build a strong digital customer experience using proven tactics such as CX and UX. 

Personalise every website touchpoint

With CMS Hub, businesses can personalise every touchpoint. Together we utilise the HubSpot technology to provide the most powerful, personalised customer experience possible. This includes building customer profile webpages and adding contextual experiences at every touchpoint. 

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